A great evening with amazing chef Tim Siadatan

This morning down in Ballymaloe I woke up and had my usual jug of coffee. I was quite exhausted but after my coffee, I felt much better and then made my way to the demo where Rory O’Connell was on this morning, he made some amazing dishes as usual.

Rory showed us how to make chocolate chip cookies, he showed us how to do a stuffed breast of lamb, he showed us how to make a Yorkshire pudding. He showed us how to make caramel and almond flats the list goes on.

Then it was time for a tea or coffee break. I had, of course, another coffee and a biscuit to keep me going, then it was back into the demo room where we were shown even more things. After that we had lunch. I had a delicious steak vegetable and salad.

After lunch, we made our way back into the demo room where we had two well-known guest chefs. Connor a 12 month graduate of Ballymaloe and Tim Siadatan from Trullo Restaurant in London. They both showed us how to make squash risotto chicken, liver masala and a Bruschetta with Burrata and Anchovy.

After this, I had a quick chat with Tim and then it was time to go back to my college and, I will soon be making some pasta then heading to bed to get ready to get into my chef whites tomorrow until then.