A lovely Sunday start down in Ballymaloe

This morning woke up I couldn’t really sleep very well, I was a bit restless, so I went downstairs to the kitchen in my cottage early this morning and made myself a couple of coffees.

Then after my coffee, I went outside and went for a nice stroll through the beautiful grounds of Ballymaloe. Then I went out of Ballymaloe and walked into the nearest village, I went for a full Irish breakfast in .... which was lovely. The staff were so nice so I’ll definitely be going back.

Then I went to get a bottle of wine for tonight’s glass in bed but then when I arrived back to my cottage I heard there was a movie on‘ telling a story about how Ballymaloe began as a hotel so I went to that and it ended up being extremely interesting and expiring.

Then I got ready to go for Pizza and meet everyone In the course. I got to meet some really nice people so hung around them for the duration of the meal. I have to say it was very strange having Darina Allen serve me pizza, she is such an inspiration.

Today was definitely overwhelming as there were so many people coming but I had an idea of who I wanted to be friends with. After the pizza, I had a walk around the grounds with my new friends and then everyone had to stand up and talk about what they did for a living and why they came to Ballymaloe school.

The time it was finished it was quite late so my new friends and I decided to go to the local bar as we knew we were going to be busy for the next three months. When we arrived we saw everyone that was doing the course. They all had the same idea as they were there.

On the way home I was squished in the car with six girls I was the only boy i could not believe it. But it was a fantastic day.