A very positive and good start to the week

So today, of course, I woke up Monday morning and made my usual mug of coffee. I was a little nervous today because I was getting a new teacher and I was just adjusting to my teacher last week. I then found out I would be in a different kitchen, so off course I was feeling a bit more anxious then.

So I arrive in the kitchen very early and prepared my ingredients today. I made a short-crust pastry which went really well and it was delicious. I also made Penny’s Cabbage and Fennel Salad followed by making 2 types of bread, so I was busy but my teacher could not have been nicer and my new kitchen is nicer than last weeks.

Then I ran back to my cottage to change out of my chef whites to then go back to the demo room where Rory would be doing the demo today. Rory went through a long list today, like how to joint a chicken, how to make Gazpacho which brought me back when living in Spain for 12 months. He also showed us how to make fresh Tomato juice.