Advice for future Students in Ballymaloe

So I have lasted 6 weeks now and about to go into my seventh week and am loving every minute of the experience, and learning so much every day, some days are more tiring than others but here is some information i have learnt over the 6 weeks.

Before I went to Ballymaloe I read everything I could about the place and the course and what I could expect and hope to learn. I must have read everything about Ballymaloe Cookery School, every review on the cookery school and every newspaper article I could find through Google! Imagine my surprise when I arrived in Ballymaloe and was chatting to the other students and getting to know who I would be living with for the next 12 weeks and quite a good few of them had not read anything about the place or what they were about to face over 12 weeks!

12 weeks of your life is a long time in many respects and yet it goes so quickly, in order for you to get the most of those 12 weeks, I have tried to put down some things that I would have wanted to know before I arrived!

Take a single room which I have done and definitely don’t regret it may cost a little more but you are spending so much time with other students you will need your own space. You will have plenty of time and opportunity to meet and spend time with people in school or in the kitchen, gardens, courtyards or living rooms! 

Chill & Respect, you will be living with some of your fellow students for 12 weeks in close quarters, some of them you will love, some not so much, remember we are all different and live by different rules and standards, try not to impose yours on others and if others do to you just remind yourself to take a deep breath and think happy thoughts.

Decide what you want from the course as this will help you get everything you want out of Ballymaloe. Whether you want to devote yourself entirely to just the studying (not me) or whether you just want the overall experience (more me) know what your objectives for the course are before undertaking the 12 weeks.