Let’s talk wine

There are so many different types and quality wines out there, and they are made all around the world! At Gourmet Lifestyle Critic we’re looking for the best, and most friendly ones to drink.

I’m a wine lover who decided to start a wine and food blog being in Ballymaloe doing the 12-week course, as a personal project if mine and ended up turning into something of a wine and food writer.

I will now write about wines and the wine world somewhat haphazardly, following my own interests and my own palate to places, people, and wines that have something to say. I will also try to give my readers tabs on what’s going on in the world of wine with news, digests and editorials about the world of wine.

Reading about food and wine is fun and inspires me to eat amazing food and drink amazing wine! What better way to spend a weekend after a long week?!

Scouring the world of wine online is not an easy task! That’s why I choose to listen to expert opinion.

Every minute of every day someone is pouring a glass of wine somewhere in the world also, somewhere someone is pouring their thoughts and knowledge onto the internet on their own blog. Blogs are magical spaces on the internet where we can go and be swept away into someone else's life, or learn something new without ever leaving our house.

This is something I’m going to take from my fantastic and amazing journey doing 12 weeks in Ballymaloe. I have put together a list of wines on my other website called Gourmet Lifestyle Critic. I hope you like some of the wines I have chosen. The list can be seen through the link from my person website.