So another great day down in Ballymaloe

So another great day down in Ballymaloe.

“Of course my usual mug of coffee.” So today there was no cooking, just demo and a wine tasting class with Colm McCann. I arrived early this morning and’ had a coffee at the demo before many people arrived. Today on Demo was Rory, he did some amazing things this morning, he taught us Milk types and Beestings, how to make homemade butter, how to make cheese, how to manufacture of Gouda Cheese the list goes on.

After this, we had a coffee break and then went back to Rory where he then began to make Salad with Smashed Cherries, olive oil and lemon. He then made Cottage cheese, the time he had all this done it was lunchtime. After lunch, we had Colm who is just fantastic and we tasted many wines today that were delicious, we tasted a white Burgundy, a red Burgundy and a Tempranillo. We learned where the wines all came from and we sat outside as it was such a nice day. We finished at 5:15 pm so it has been a long day, so definitely looking forward to being in the kitchen tomorrow.