So this morning my usual mug of coffee

So this morning I left my cottage of course, after my mug of coffee, to keep me going after my mug of coffee I dashed over to the kitchen to prepare my ingredients. When I arrived, I hear I had a lot on my list and I did, I made an amazing passé and a lovely fish stew, after that I cleaned up as always and then had a quick lunch and ran back to my cottage to get changed.

Then ran back to demo to find out we had the fantastic Rory O’Connell on today where he made some amazing dishes today and taught us how to Roast a Turkey and Stuff a chicken. He made for us today Kumquat Compote, Kuku Kadoo, bread sauce, the list goes on!

After that, I was so tired after a long weekend but I’m looking forward to my mother coming up tomorrow to visit me and we are staying somewhere nice after my long week. It’s nice to get out of Ballymaloe for the weekend after a very intense week until next week.