Today first experience really in a chief's kitchen

Today I woke up and of course made myself my usual large jug of coffee to keep me going. Today's experience was seriously frightening and intensive. I had to cook three dishes today a beautiful Potato and Fresh Herb Soup and Variations, French onion tart, Heirloom Tomato Salad with Basil, Compote of Blackberry and Apple with sweet Geranium Leaves. '

The chefs help today was just so amazing. I went into the kitchen all flustered and very nervous because I had so many dishes to prep. The chef taught me so much.

After my running around In the kitchen all morning it became lunchtime and we eat what we cooked. I had a very fast lunch and then ran to my cottage to get out of my chef whites. After I ran back to the school where we were all introduced to Rory O’Connell, after being introduced to him he then commenced


The same story, we had to watch him for 4 hours. Rory was fantastic, he was incredible to watch and it really makes you know why you are here after such a stressful day. It’s certainly a very intensive course so let’s see how tomorrow goes in the kitchen.