Week 10 Down in Ballymaloe Exams slowly approaching

Tired as I am, I am going to give you a very quick brief of what it’s like after been in Ballymaloe for 9 weeks and living on the school grounds 24 hours 7 days a week. The pressure is definitely intensifying now as we are all preparing for our final exams which are coming up very soon. This course has been extremely intense but yet a incredible journey and it has pushed me in so many different ways that I could have ever imagined.

This course has been a learning and an educational experience and a big part of my life going forward, I have met so many wonderful and interesting people throughout this journey and experience.

But when it comes to cooking we all take it very seriously. I have learnt so much in the last few months from wines to cooking tasting and definitely the importance of using fresh ingredients in all your cooking. At this stage of my course I am definitely looking forward to getting over the exams and finding out what I’m going to do after this course.

For some of those who might know me, I have lived in Spain for 2 years before coming to Ballymaloe Cookery School. I lived in a beautiful part of Spain called Zerez De La Frontera where I just fell in love with their culture and food, but most of all their horse-riding skills in dressage. I learnt how to do dressage within the 2 years of living in Spain and later came second in the International Championships in Madrid after intense training with my brilliant teacher Alma.

After Spain, of course, my second interest was to become good at cooking as it is a skill you will have for the rest of your life and a skill you can really teach to your own family, children and friends. I went into this school not having a clue about how to cook. You learn everything that happens in the kitchen from the moment we start gathering our ingredients in the early hours of the morning, through preparing the meal right up to cleaning the cooker or the chores afterwards, making sure all our equipment is back in its rightful place ready for a new day.