What a busy day today down in Ballymaloe.

What a busy day today down in Ballymaloe.

So this morning I woke up very early and in fact, I didn’t have my mug of coffee as I normally would as I wanted to get a good seat for the demo today. But I did have a few cups of coffee in the kitchen while preparing my ingredients.

I was run off my feet today as I made an apple pie which took me forever but it was delicious. I also made a lovely chicken curry.

I had my curry while in the kitchen as I was so hungry while cleaning my dishes. I finally had a slice of my apple tart when I finished my curry and it was also delicious.

Then I had a quick coffee ran back to my cottage had a shower and then went over to get ready for a demo where Rory was on today’s demo. He made Brown bread soda. He showed us how to cook a salmon, he showed us how to make a proper mashed potato. He made cucumber radish and mint salad and much more.

After the demo, I ran back to my cottage as I was exhausted and now I am going to do some filing and then take it easy until tomorrow.