What a confusing day down in Ballymaloe

What a confusing day down in Ballymaloe.

So this morning I woke up and had my usual mug of coffee. After I dashed over to my kitchen to prepare my ingredients, I made this morning a leg of lamb, some chips and a lovely homemade soup. I had a new chef today, he was so nice, my new partner for the week is so sweet and we are definitely going to be a good team this week. After a long hands-on day in the kitchen, I had a quick lunch while cleaning up.

After having a quick lunch while standing up, I ran back to my cottage to get changed out of my chef whites. When I returned back to the demo, I found out that Rachel Allen was on today, she showed us how to make Greek Moussaka how to make a homemade mayonnaise and much more.

After the demo and after a very long day, I came back to my cottage and had a few things to do but the most confusing thing in this place is the Wi-Fi. until tomorrow.