What a day down in Ballymaloe

The beginning of the day was fantastic I woke up and made my coffee like every morning and then finally made my way down to the school. When I walked into the school there was the most amazing breakfast presented.

When we were all finished we then made our way into the demonstration room. The demonstration room is where they will be teaching us how to cook and they will expect us to do the same meal the next day and present the dish as well as they did the previous day.

What a day though down in Ballymaloe that’s all I can say, a lot of information to take in, and it’s only "day one” we started out in the morning by a demonstration done by Darina Allen and it went on for 5 hours she made bread, biscuits, homemade lemonade and vegetable soup. Then she took us around the gardens.

After the demonstration, she then brought us into lunch ”which was just presented beautifully." I don’t really like fish but I ate the fish. I remember going up to the counter to put some of the fish into the bin and Darina Alan was there and she told me “ Oh No! you have to eat the fish!" So I did, and it was delicious! I have learnt so much today, but oh my goodness it has been long.