What a day down in Ballymaloe today

So, of course, I started my day with my normal jug of coffee, then I went to the kitchen to prepare my ingredients. I was the first in the class to arrive, do you say today was easy would be an understatement?

Today was very stressful in the kitchen I made- Greengage or fig tart and a Tomato Purée. I also made a homemade pesto with pasta.

Today I was really overwhelmed and I really thought my God! can I really do all of this? I even thought to myself, maybe today, maybe I should leave this place because it’s really not something I want to do, I never wanted to become a chef. But all my new friends were so supportive.

So really I thought hard and I really had a feeling maybe this is the place for me for the next three months such nice people so many friends I have already made, I have only been here 5 days and it’s been an incredible experience.