What a tiring and busy day down in Ballymaloe

What a tiring and busy day down in Ballymaloe.

So this morning I did not start off with my mug of coffee at the cottage! I went straight to the kitchen and had a coffee there to prepare my ingredients. It was a busy day, I made salmon and I also made a salad and a desert.

I finished pretty much last today but Rachel Allen was my teacher today which made the day a little better, she is such a kind and funny person to be in the kitchen with.

After that I had a quick lunch and ran back to the cottage to get changed out of my chief whites, Rachel Allen was on demo today and she made so much things, she showed us a half of Lamb, she then cooked the leg of lamb, she made a mint sauce, she made potato wedges, she made Pickled Beetroot Salad, she made Glazed carrots, the list goes on.

After the demo I was so tired, I just wanted to collapse, so I went to the shop and bought myself a bottle of white wine which I will have a glass tonight while sorting out my papers for next week, until then.