What an exhausting day in Ballymaloe

So today i didn’t have my normal coffee as I just wanted to get straight into preparing my ingredients. I had the great Rachel Allen as my teacher today and cooked an amazing Soup and made a delicious salad.

I absolutely love Rachel in the kitchen as she is so fun to work with but is such a fantastic teacher and she is on the ball after that she tasted my food and I ran back to the cottage to get out of my chef whites.

After getting out of my chef whites I ran back to the demo where I found out Rory O’Connell was on the demo today, he made some amazing and very concerting foods like Burgers, homemade chips, an amazing couscous, the list goes on. The time Rory finished, I was so tired as I had a busy morning in the kitchen with Rachel so I went back to the cottage and had some dinner and went to sleep to get ready for the next day where we are going to have a business talk with Darina's Sister.