What an intensive morning in Ballymaloe

So this morning I woke up early and ran over had my coffee in the kitchen and started to prepare my ingredients. This morning I made so many things so I was busy I made pancakes, Breakfast Frittata which was just delicious, I also made Shakshuka. After a busy day in the kitchen and eating my lunch while cleaning my station in the kitchen I ran back to the cottage to get out of my chef whites.

After I changed I ran back to demo to find that Rory was on again my goodness he did so much we even finished late so what a long day, he showed us how to fillet a flatfish. He made chilli con Carne, avocado sauce, he also made Provençal Bean stew, he made Asian Savoy cabbage salad and much more.

After the demo, I just felt so exhausted so I walked back to my cottage had a shower got into bed and had a nice glass of wine and prepared for the next day.