What another great day down in Ballymaloe.

What another great day down in Ballymaloe.

So of course my usual mug of coffee early this morning, after that I went to my kitchen again the earliest the better! When I arrived, there was only me in the kitchen, so I began to get my ingredients ready.

I made some delicious things today showed from yesterday’s demo so I think I did quite well.

I made my famous Gazpacho which brought me back after living in spain for 12 months as I said in my yesterday’s article. Then I made a lovely chicken with a fresh herb salad let’s not forget I joint a chicken for the first time today.

After a great day's work in the kitchen, I eat what I made. I finished earlier than everyone else because I went in so early to prepare, which gave me time to have a walk and relax a bit before the demo, today's demo was with Rachel Allen, she cooked some amazing dishes today, Fish Fragrant Aubergine, Spiced Chicken Legs and some Arnaud's Pitta Bread, the list goes on. I then tasted some and it was just delicious.

I came back to my cottage and I definitely needed a walk after a long day. Please let me mention, don’t forget if someone cooks you an amazing meal, do appreciate it, as it could take them hours to prepare it and cook it. Until my next post tomorrow.